Cafes are much more than just shops that sell coffee: they are the social center of many communities where individuals… read more

meet with family, friends, and colleagues to discuss things other than coffee. Salt Lake City cafes often create menus that cater to a specific clientele, whether it’s foreign coffee preparations or smoothies that are popular with the younger crowd. Many Salt Lake City cafes also entice customers with features like free Wi-Fi access so they can use their laptops and smartphones while inside.

Coffee Chains in Salt Lake City

  • Bevalo
  • Millcreek Coffee Roasters
  • Coffee Under The Bridge
  • Caffe Expresso

There are Salt Lake City Coffee Chains including Bevalo, Village Coffee and Bjorn's Brew.

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Coffee Houses in Salt Lake City

  • Salt Lake City International Airport (slc)
  • Toaster's
  • Caffe Niche
  • Three Forks Cafe

Salt Lake City has a small set of Coffee Houses. Some of the popular Coffee Houses are Salt Lake City International Airport (slc), Toaster's and Caffe Niche.

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Breakfast/Cafe Restaurants in Salt Lake City

  • The Park Cafe
  • Gourmandise - The Bakery
  • Eggs In The City
  • Over The Counter Cafe

There are Salt Lake City Breakfast/Cafe Restaurants. Some of the most notable include The Park Cafe, Gourmandise - The Bakery and The Original Pancake House.

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