Salt Lake City Lawn Care Services

Salt Lake City Lawn Care Services

Salt Lake City's premier lawn care service company. We mow your lawn, fertilize, mulch, trim hedges, weed removal, edging, and more.

We provide the services to make your lawn the best in the whole neighborhood. Is your lawn just growing out of control and you just can't keep up with those nasty weeds? Let us take care of the weed removal and control. Are there bugs that keep popping up and trashing your lawn day and night? We offer pest control to help keep those pets at bay and away from your pride and joy.

* If mulching is too time consuming for you then let us take over this job for you so that YOU can have the best lawn in town. Don’t forget that a beautiful lawn is nothing without an amazing lawn mowing service. Our lawn care specialists will work hard to provide the best lawn mowing service in town.

​* Our lawn care specialists have a keen sense for detail and ensure the blades of your grass are trimmed evenly. We also help keep your soil aerated to ensure your lawn care treatment is complete and your grass can breathe nicely. Soil aeration allows for air, water, and nutrients to penetrate deep into your grass roots, maximizing a stronger and vibrant look outside.

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