Music Equipment Rentals in Salt Lake City

Singers, musicians, and bands alike all possess the talent needed to make an audience rise to its feet, but that doesn’t mean that a little technical assistance doesn’t help carry the magical sounds they create. Salt Lake City musical equipment rentals loan instruments, speakers, microphones, drum sets, amplifiers, and sound effects machines to anyone who might need them, enabling them to give their absolute best live performances in any venue.

6925 S Union Park Ctr Cottonwood Heights UT 84047
14750 S Pony Express Rd Bluffdale UT 84065
230 W 700 S Salt Lake City UT 84101
49 S 600 W Salt Lake City UT 84101
3640 Christine Street Salt Lake City UT 84106
9926 Falconview Dr. Sandy UT 84092
329 15th S St Salt Lake City UT 84115
2153 N Warm Springs Rd Salt Lake City UT 84116

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